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            Fundamentals of Coating impregnation
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            Coating on the fiber has no affinity and reactivity, can not directly dye the fiber products.

            Paint dyeing is the coating, adhesives, such as dispersing system, through dipping, to make the fabric even with liquid, after drying to make water volatile, paint and adhesives attached to the surface of the fiber, and then after high temperature baking, adhesive macromolecules cross-linked into a network structure, in the fabric to form a transparent and tough resin film, so that the coating particles fixed on the fabric. can also use the appropriate chemical additives, chemical modification of fiber materials, so that the chemical grafting of the fiber with a positive, thus easier to absorb pigment particles, to achieve uniform dyeing effect.

            coating dyeing has the form of dyeing, rolling dyeing, but the clothing dyeing with the form of a small number of special varieties such as paint Shuebu can also be disseminated staining.

            coating dyeing process is relatively simple, generally used in medium and light-colored single coating dyeing. But the color of the single paint is very difficult to have the ideal effect, if using too much paint to dye, when rolling dyeing due to the surface of the fabric more, the final product feel hard, friction resistance, rubbing fastness poor, while sticking roller serious. Therefore, dark-coloured paints can be added to the depth by adding a deep dye.

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