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            Advantages and disadvantages of coating dyeing
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            Paint dyeing has many advantages. It has become a globally recognized, with the best eco-environmental protection type, the most important and most need to develop the dyeing technology, it has attractive social and economic benefits.


            Variety adaptable. Can adapt to cotton, hemp and other cellulose fiber, viscose and other regenerated fiber, wool, silk and other protein fiber, polyester, nylon and other synthetic fabrics and blended fabric dyeing.

            The dyeing equipment is simple, the process flow is short, the energy consumption is low, the processing flaw disease is relatively few.

            In the dyeing process, there is no hair color process, color intuitive, easy to imitate color, shade control quasi, less color.

            In other dyes dyeing shade has the deviation, can use the paint to stain conveniently to correct the shade accurately.

            Paint chromatography Complete, in addition to friction fastness, rubbing fastness, other dyeing fastness is good, especially light-colored more superior.

            The paint shade is stable and the covering power is strong.

            Low effluent discharge

            Simple equipment, easy to mount production.

            The use of special technology, paint can produce some high value-added varieties (such as foam coating).

            Although there are many advantages in dyeing with paint, there are still some shortcomings. These drawbacks make its application subject to certain limitations. Despite the recent emergence of new adhesives, fastness and feel has been improved, but paint dyeing can not completely replace the traditional dye dyeing process, only a supplement to dye dyeing, the current mainly used in cotton, polyester and kapok blended fabrics, light color products dyeing.


            Paint dyed deep color fabric, dry friction, wet rubbing fastness and rubbing fastness is poor, and feel hard.

            Particularly bright colors such as phthalocyanine color, large red, purple and so on, with paint dyeing up to color requirements.

            coating dyeing when the main additive adhesives will stick to the roller, fabric easy to produce wrinkles, while increasing the difficulty of maintenance equipment.

            The binder in the pigment dyeing solution is easy to be skinned and the reuse of residual dye is difficult.

            The adhesive itself is non-toxic in coating dyeing, but its monomer has some toxicity, such as after dyeing, the monomer of the fabric has some influence on the human health.

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